21 oct. 2011


y ya que estamos aplauso para el film de Wenders: coreografía, música, imágenes. Todo bien y en 3d

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Uh, y ahora esto???
Te querés congraciar conmigo, rg!!!
Pina, una grande de verdad, MUERO porque traigan esta peli a Santa Fe.

Anónimo dijo...

Rotten Tomatoes have given a 91 approval rating.
A very boring film from an "intellectually" acclaimed European director. So automatically, the film gets a high rating in America.
Never have been a fan of Wenders.
I sat through arduously "Vista Social Club". Another much hyped film.
Apart from one song performance, that was worth watching, the rest was uninteresting.
I bought the blu-ray version in Paris. I was obliged to pay for 3d version, too.
On the back jacket, the screen version is supposed to be 2:40. Well, in fact it is only 1.85.
The Dts sound was pale.
If you want to see an interesting film on Pina, watch "Les Reves Dansants".
If you want a fantastic performance of Le Sacre de Printemps de Stravinski, watch the beginning of Coco Chanel.

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