14 dic. 2016

Teoría democrática y encarcelamiento de masas

Democratic Theory and Mass Incarceration

Edited by Albert Dzur, Ian Loader, and Richard Sparks

Studies in Penal Theory and Philosophy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Punishment and Democratic Theory: Resources for a Better Penal Politics, Albert Dzur, Ian Loader and Richard Sparks 
Chapter 2: Democratic Politics in an Age of Mass Incarceration, Rebecca U. Thorpe 
Chapter 3: Civic Punishment, R. A. Duff and S. E. Marshall 
Chapter 4: Playing Fair with Imprisonment, Richard Dagger 
Chapter 5: A Democratic Theory of Imprisonment, Peter Ramsay 
Chapter 6: Why Greater Public Participation in Criminal Justice?, Christopher Bennett 
Chapter 7: Punitive Restoration: Giving the Public a Say on Sentencing, Thom Brooks 
Chapter 8: After Penal Populism: Punishment, Democracy and Utopian Method, Lynne Copson 
Chapter 9: Liberty, Justice, and All: The Folly of Chapter 10: Mass Incarceration and Chapter 11: A Tradeoff Between Democracy and Deterrence? An Empirical Investigation of Prison Violence and Inmate Advisory Councils, Amy Lerman and Vesla Weaver 
Chapter 12: Violent Crime, Constitutional Frameworks and Mass Publics, Lisa L. Miller 
Chapter 13: Democracy all the Way Down. Deliberative Democracy and Criminal Law: The Case of Social Protests, Roberto Gargarella

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